Loire Valley

Loire Valley

Between Touraine, Blois and Orléans areas, Val de Loire is a patchwork of landscapes, thousand-years old cities, castles, parks and gardens where nature and culture meet.

Inland waterway transport is a sustainable and original way to discover the exceptional natural and cultural Loire heritage along the water.

Ideal location was the key to ensure most of the goods transport were made via the Loire river until the 1850's from western France (Brittany, Anjou, Touraine...) to Paris area. Every year, more than 10,000 boats were unloaded in Orléans and surrounding harbours to be transferred on the road or to be ferried on barges via Orléans or Briare canals.

Since Val de Loire listing as a UNESCO World Heritage site in 2000, inland waterway activities have been reborn.

"Gabares", "chalands", "fûtreaux", "toues", "charrières", "trains de bateaux"… will soon sound familiar to you.

Loire pilots will be happy to take you onboard to discover the royal river's riches.


Organizations and guides

The "Coeur de Loire" pilots take passengers onboard to discover nature and offer unusual accommodation on the banks.
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Travel on the river and enjoy Val de Loire wild side!
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