Somme Valley

Somme Valley

The Somme river and its numerous tributaries meander creating a patchwork of ponds that a variety of fauna and flora call home:

- 114 out of the 264 nesting species listed in France can be found in the Somme Valley, including rare species in Picardy such as little and great bitterns, night herons or bearded reedlings. Many other water birds can also be observed: great crested grebes as well as little grebes, coots, common moorhens or mallards.

- Rare plants also grow in the middle of the reed bed lined with willows and alders and on the "larris" (local word for chalk grassland): carnivorous plants, ferns, small yellow floxgloves, ranunculaceous plants and marsh stitchworts...
White waterlillies beds provide food and shelter to many water species.



Organizations and guides

QUALINAT guides can take you for a walk, a canoe or a horse-drawn ride along the Somme river.
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Going along the Somme river is a privileged invitation to discover one of the wildest areas of Picardy!
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