QUALINAT background

In 2001, the Bird and Nature Festival worked on a quality approach with the organizations that provide outings during the event. At the same time, the Parc Naturel Régional (PNR) of French Vexin started a similar project on its territory.

The nature guides created the first document stating the basic principles of a quality guided outing.

The Festival and the PNR decided to partner in 2008 to develop the approach, including booking process quality surveys after the outings.

They redacted QUALINAT quality reference framework including the items of QUALITE TOURISME™, the national quality brand created by the French Ministry of Tourism that deals with all touristic fields (accommodation, restaurants, visits...)

QUALINAT, a Non Profit Organization, was founded in 2009 to promote that new quality approach and we were recognized as main partner by the French Ministry of Tourism as for nature outings in relation with QUALITE TOURISME™ in 2011.

QUALINAT is constantly developping and Région Centre / Val de Loire, including PNR of Brenne, joined in 2013.

You will soon be able to find QUALINAT nature guides in other parts of France.